The finest fruits and vegetables

From wild strawberries to caviar lemons, from local courgettes to rare truffles, Mr Veggie selects its fruits and vegetables with heart and passion. With the help of the best professionals, the purchasing team makes sure to offer, all year round, a catalogue of fresh and seasonal products that meets the expectations of the greatest chefs.

Pick-up and deliveries in Saint-Tropez

Aware that some chefs can move around while others have to stay aboard yachts or villas, Mr Veggie offers pick-up and delivery solutions throughout the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. A tender is even available for deliveries aboard vessels at anchor.

Save time with our online ordering system

In the digital age, and in a context where chefs’ time is increasingly counted, Mr Veggie has developed an online ordering solution that allows you to do your shopping without having to leave your kitchen. Within a few clicks, choose your products, your payment and delivery preferences and follow your order in real time!

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